Starters & Appetisers

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  • 13 AED
    Hara Bhara Kebab (6 pieces)

    Minced vegetables mixed with grated cottage cheese & deep fried

  • 7 AED
    Punjabi Samosa (2 pieces)

    Deep-fried pastry cones with potatoes & minced garden vegetables

  • 13 AED
    Vegetable Cutlet (4 pieces)

    Deep-fried cutlet prepared of vegetable mince

  • 9 AED
    Mutton Shami Kebab (3 pieces)

    Deep-fried patties made of ground mutton mince & split chickpeas

  • 12 AED
    Mutton Samosa (4 pieces)

    Deep-fried pastry cones with minced mutton

  • 8 AED
    Mutton Cutlets (2 pieces)

    Deep-fried cutlet of ground mutton mince

  • 9 AED
    Mutton Cream Tikka

    A well marinated boneless mutton pieces, batter fried & served on a wooden skewer

  • 9 AED
    Finger Chips

    Julienne of potatoes freshly golden fried