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  • 11 AED
    Kesar Pista Kulfi

  • 11 AED
    Malai Kulfi

  • 15 AED
    Fruit Salad with Ice Cream

  • 12 AED
    Fruit Salad

  • 11 AED
    Caramel Custard

    A light sweet made of a mixture of milk & sugar

  • 13 AED
    Ras Malai

    An Indian delicacy made of cottage cheese dumplings steeped in sweet milk

  • 13 AED
    Gajar Halwa

    Grated carrots cooked in thickened fresh cream & milk, garnished with dry fruits

  • 13 AED
    Dudhi Halwa

    An Indian sweet dish made of bottle gourd cooked in thickened milk, with dry fruits

  • 11 AED

    A dessert made of creamed rice, sweetened milk & dry fruits