Delhi Darbar – The essence of Mughlai cuisine

The Brand
Delhi Darbar at Colaba Causeway needs no introduction. An Award Winning brand restaurant which has transformed itself into a legacy for Mumbaikars. The 33 year old Landmark restaurant has made a niche for its famous Mughlai cuisine for delectable Bombay Biryani and Tandoori Chicken. At the stretch of the famous Colaba Causeway, stands the only original Delhi Darbar as a landmark yet serving the delectable Mughlai cuisine to crowd of foreigners to Arabs besides being a local favorite. Since the day the original Delhi Darbar opened in 1976, it has been a busy and vibrant place of business from politicians, businessmen, artists to Bollywood.

Delhi Darbar
What makes their cooking special, authentic, and yet unique, is the touch of their century old secret recipes passed from their grandfather who endured the catering business in the early 1900’s. The third generation family restaurateur and executive chef Atif Mansuri says, “The talent and expertise one possesses cannot be learnt from a cookbook, but you need to have the passion to serve.” The executive chefs hails from the family, but has worked his way up. Being a graduate from Ecole Hotel Lausanne and the Emirates Academy in Dubai, he has served as waiter to chef in several famous hotels around the world including the top notch Burj al Arab in Dubai.

From the Chef
“My Grandfather left a secret legacy where he added every ingredient with a great thought and passion for food; today it is my obligation to preserve and share it with you.” says the Executive Chef Atif Mansuri. Every morning, Atif overlooks the cooking of all the dishes in the Menu and ensures that the taste remains consistent and delectable.

It is this attention to detail that has helped the Mansuri family to preserve the authentic taste of traditional Indian cooking and that is surely be the reason why people come back for more Being an executive chef starts from being in the kitchen every morning, Atif visits the vegetable and meat market on regular basis to select the best of the lot. He designs his own traditional vessels from a century old metal smith in the city and decides from the sizes to the materials to be used. He says the vessels with the right shape, design, and metal influence the taste & aroma in a great way. . The legacy truly goes on, only at Delhi Darbar.

His focuses on one prime aspect of Indian cooking which is Traditionalism. He says every aspect of traditional cooking procedure enhances and improves the food taste. Many restaurateurs and chefs today ignore and skip such procedure to save time and cost. He says that Delhi Darbar has always keep tradionalism in cooking at the forefront such as the Bombay Dum Biryani which is cooked using Charcoal and put to cook using the traditional ‘Dum’ technique.

Delhi Darbar is truly the Best Mughlai Dining Experience in Mumbai city.